How My Career In Real Estate Helped Me Grow As A Person

As a kid, I would read books and write strange poems for hours on end. I didn’t have any siblings and my cousins and I would only see each other during the holidays so I learned to enjoy my own company. Although I didn’t have troubles making friends as I grew up, I was always known to be the reserved one in the group. Only my inner circle knew how I am like once I’ve loosened up, but for the rest of my acquaintances, they’re clueless.

After college, I knew what I wanted to for a living: writing, of course. I got a job in a small BPO company and wrote for a travel website based in a foreign country. I was tasked to create 20 write ups a day and while it honed my writing skills, I eventually felt drained and constantly dragged myself to work. There were days where I would stay extra hours in the office because of my unfinished write ups, as if I lost interest in my passion. Then I thought, maybe I’m not meant to be locked up in an office? Maybe I do need to get out and meet people? I love writing, but maybe there is something better for me out there. The thought of stepping out of my comfort zone was terrifying and exciting at the same time and when one of the country’s leading real estate developers contacted me for an interview, I didn’t have any second thoughts and grabbed the opportunity right away.

Now, I’ve rounded up a list of reasons how my career in the real estate industry helped me grow as a person, both emotionally and mentally.

1. New skills

I was hired as a copywriter, but prior my recruitment, I was made aware that I was also going to perform other tasks outside my job description. This includes training, sales agents, assisting with events, and more. Mind you, there’s a reason why I am a writer, I’m not the type of person who is comfortable with speaking in front of large audiences. Never in my whole life that I’ve thought of myself speaking in front and even worse, teaching other people. Although I am aware that I still have a lot to improve on, I am more than willing to learn and expand my proficiency.

2. Fast-paced and shifting environment

At my previous company, I usually finish 20 write ups before 5:30 and leave right on the dot. The job was pretty light, especially for those who love writing and are looking for a job that can provide them work and life balance. While I like the idea of going home early and honing my writing skills, I eventually got tired of the routine and found myself dragging to work every day. In real estate, no day is ever the same. There are moments where I would start my day writing articles and end up at a project site in the evening. Ever since transferring to this industry, I’ve learned to love the extra hours I spent in the office.

3. Interaction with different people

You probably know by now that I am more of an introvert, although I have different circles of friends, I love my alone time and need to be isolated once in a while. In my current job, I’ve been exposed to different types of people from different aspects of life. I’ve trained and facilitated revalida for agents as young as 20 years and old to 38 years old. Not only that, I’ve also interacted with people who are fresh graduates, bachelors, and businessmen. With this experience, I became more flexible in socializing with different people.

4. A positive corporate culture

Culture refers to the values and outlook of employees in the company. Every organization, from small businesses to large establishments has this. While my previous job offers competitive compensation, they also have a high turnover rate. Before I left, three of my teammates already filed their resignations and because the company was at risk of losing more writers, they attempted to counter offer me.

Did I take it? Obviously, no. At that time, my mind was made up, I wanted to leave no matter how much they would offer me. Why? Because I can no longer find the motivation to go to work, I would drag myself to the office every morning, leave my station right on the dot, and find myself struggling to finish tasks that I once found easy to accomplish. After 6 months, I no longer enjoyed going to work and I refuse to wallow in my misery for any amount of money.

Today, I’ve been working for this real estate developer for over 6 months now and I can truly say that I can see myself working for this company for many years to come. I enjoy the company of my colleagues, always find a reason to smile and laugh, and also find my efforts acknowledged and appreciated. Now, if you think your values align with what I listed above, I highly advise you to try your hand in the real estate industry. Who knows, it might finally be the way to uncover your life’s calling.

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